The Essence of Giving

Denise Farrell

Denise Farrell

By Denise Farrell

It was during my years at Cathedral High School that I learned the essence of giving. I was raised with the concept of giving meaning donating money. It is so much more than that!

Over the years, I have learned how important it is that we share with others those talents that God has bestowed on us. During my early years at Cathedral, there were times our enrollment had dipped to the point that we feared we would need to close our doors. Many people donated their time, talents and treasures to ensure that the mission of this special school would continue. Today, we cannot take those efforts for granted. For Cathedral to continue her mission, we need to all pray about what our donation of time, talent and treasure could be.

The past 15 years have been a real education for me about philanthropy. My husband and I have found that we can set aside money for our retirement, our daily bills, an emergency fund, giving to our church and giving to Cathedral High School.

Cathedral benefits from every donation — no matter how large or small. At first, we set up an account where we could give a little out of our paycheck each month. Now that I have retired, I am able to set that amount aside myself and give to Cathedral each year. Whenever we know a Cathedral High School graduate who passes away, we make a donation in his or her name to school. In addition, we have made arrangements for Cathedral to be remembered in our estate planning. A portion of a life insurance policy has been set aside for Cathedral High School. Little amounts here and there add up to helping students attend the school we all love!

In addition to the monetary donations, I try to volunteer at Cathedral on a weekly basis. Helping with mailings, data entry, helping out with Advanced Placement exams — all allow the staff at Cathedral to put money toward providing tuition assistance. I know volunteers who help out daily, weekly or on specific projects like the student fundraiser or ShamrAuction.

Serving on the Board of Directors has been a real education for me — and I hope a benefit to the school!

Finally, Cathedral High School is always included in my daily prayers. With God's help, Cathedral High School will continue to do His work on earth — being living examples of His stewardship.

There is something for everyone to help at Cathedral. I hope sharing my story with you will help you choose your path.

Choose Your Giving Path

If you're inspired by Denise's story and want to learn about ways you can plan a gift to Cathedral, please contact Abbe Ernstes at (317) 968-7348 or