Why Cathedral is my Top Giving Priority

Dave Worland

Dave Worland has been principal at Cathedral High School for 12 years.

Dave Worland has been principal at Cathedral High School for 12 years now. And giving back to the school has been important to him virtually from day one. "When my wife Janet and I first moved our children to Indianapolis and became part of the Cathedral family, we wanted to find a way to give back," says Worland. With a young and growing family of three children, that wasn't easy in the beginning. That's why the Worlands decided to take out an insurance policy with Cathedral as the beneficiary. "We were going to have our children go to Cathedral," he says, "And we began right away to set aside what we thought we could afford in our monthly budget because we wanted to be sure other students would be able to have that same opportunity."

Planning for Different Phases of Life

As his family grew and graduated from Cathedral, Dave and Janet added to their planned giving through their estate plan. "We wanted to provide both for our children and for the institutions that are close to our hearts," Worland says. "We remembered both our own high schools and colleges in our will, too, but after first providing for our three kids, Cathedral was definitely the number-one priority. Cathedral's mission and vision plus the school's 95-year history made us feel confident that the money would benefit generations of 'Irish' to come."

Giving is a Family Affair

Dave Worland says he gives back to Cathedral also to set a good example for his children about philanthropy. "I definitely talk to my kids about giving back. They are now at the stage of their lives where they are starting careers and beginning families of their own. They need to start getting in the habit of setting aside a portion of their income to support worthy causes such as Cathedral. They know that their mother and I give back to Cathedral—and that we hope they'll follow suit and make this special school a priority in their giving—both now and in the future."

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